Talikala has been assisting trafficked women and girls in psycho-social needs, accessing government services and in legal battles. The current project with AWO International addresses the vulnerability of women and children to be trafficked for sexual exploitation and the increasing cases of online sexual abuse in nine selected barangays of Davao City (Lapu-lapu, Leon Garcia, Sasa, Matina Aplaya, Mintal, 5-A, 76-A, 22-C and Kapitan Tomas Monteverde).

Four social structures will be strengthened under the project: children’s organizations, parents and community resident organizations, male champion organization and Lawig Bubai (organization of trafficked and prostituted women and girls). Activities geared towards strengthening the structures include seminars on rights of women and children and on trafficking and online sexual abuse, life skills training, para-legal work, documentation, community education and processing sessions like therapy, play therapy and process counseling for trafficked and exploited women and girls.

The project will also work with Barangay and City Councils, public high schools and private sectors by reviewing and amending existing local ordinances, localizing Child Protection Policy and conducting creative and interactive educational training awareness campaigns for the youth and teachers, and providing business community an awareness on trafficking and online sexual abuse through training and multi-sectoral forums, creating children and women friendly sector.




Project information

Title: Reduction of vulnerability of women and children to trafficking for sexual exploitation and online sexual abuse

Implementation areas: Davao City, Philippines

Target Group: Trafficked and vulnerable women and girls, parents and community residents, male advocates, barangay officials, service providers


- Improving access to social services and livelihood opportunities for vulnerable communities and victims of trafficking

- Capacitating community based organizations, government agencies and service providers in the protection from trafficking

- Implementing existing policies and passing new policies for the protection from trafficking

Implementation period: 2018-2020

Budget: 76,533 € p.a.

Donor: German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)





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