INFEST (Institute for Education Development, Social, Religious, and Cultural Studies) was formed in 2009 by young activists in Jogjakarta and works on inclusiveness for access to development, access to information, and justice and empowerment of communities.

The project with AWO International aims for Indonesian migrant workers in East Java and Malaysia to assert their rights and to have an improved access to justice – which is deemed substantially lacking in both the country of origin and country of destination. As such, the project utilizes an approach covering a sub-regional scope attempting to resolve a distinct set of problems at both ends of the spectrum; migrant workers and families at home in East Java (in the sub-districts of Ponorogo, villages of Bringinan, Pondok, and Nongkodono; and Blitar, villages of Gogodeso, Jatinom, and Pandanarum) and those who are currently working abroad (Johor Bahru, Malaysia). The problems that migrant workers face is a mélange of illegal recruitment agencies, exorbitant fees, contract substitution, physical abuse, exploitation, and the lack of economic opportunities and poverty.

Applying a grassroots approach, community-based groups will be established and empowered in East Java and Johor Bahru so that they are able to handle migrant cases and conduct advocacies, collaborate with other networks on case handling using a standardized information and data system for case management, establish partnerships with local government units including the Indonesian Consulate in Johor Bahru. The project also aims to increase the village governments’ involvement in formulating a protection mechanism for migrant workers through the creation of village regulations.




Project information

Title: Empowerment of Indonesian migrant workers in East Java and Malaysia

Implementation areas: East Java, Indonesia; Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Target Group: Migrant workers and their families, government officials, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Village Affairs, Embassy of Indonesia in Malaysia


- Establishing and capacitating a network of Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia for case management and advocacy

- Community based organizations in Indonesian villages are established and capacitated

- Implementation of regulations for the protection of migrant workers

Implementation period: 2018-2020

Budget: 68.333 € p.a.

Donor: German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)




Executive Director: Muhammad Irsyadul Ibad

Jl. Warungboto, Warungboto
Umbulharjo, Kota Yogyakarta,  
Daereah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55164, Indonesia