Child Alert – Children are not a commodity

Child trafficking and tourism related child prostitution took an alarming development in the Philippines. To stem and stop this development, the cooperation of a strong, self-confident and engaged civil society is needed.

The cooperation between AWO International and Child Alert began in October 2010. During this cooperation period so far BCPCs (Barangay Councils for the Protection of Children) were established in seven districts of Davao del Norte, and their operability was reinforced. In the same barangays (sub-districts) there were parents’ and children’s groups established to sensitize other inhabitants to the problem, and in order to encourage participation on the local level in the BCPCs. Public service employees, such as social workers and police officers were intensively trained on the topic so they can deal with victims appropriately as well as react to incidents faster.

Through the AWO-project

- public attention will be directed to the problem, especially through work with the media;

- the consciousness of the rights of children and women will be raised among children and adults through appropriate trainings;

- the protection of children will be secured through stronger cooperation with public authorities and the police.

Due to the synergy of the different activities in the project stronger communities with developed self-dynamics are emerging. Hence pressure on the public sphere, on public institutions, the media, on schools and on parents will be applied. Only these enable a chance to turn the fatal neglects of children’s rights into a general obligation of child protection.

Child Alert Mindanao was founded in 2005. Founding members were social workers partly with longstanding experiences on the field of children’s rights in Davao. Since its foundation and registration by the Philippine Security and Exchange Commission, Child Alert has run some self-established projects. Financial contributors were among others Terre des Hommes and UNICEF. Especially through the UNICEF-support Child Alert could improve a remarkable expertise on the field of children’s rights work, which was one of the criteria for choosing the organization for the AWO International-project at the end of 2010.

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Child Alert Mindanao, Inc.
225 Circle B Street, Ecoland Subdivision
Matina, Davao City, Philippines
Email: childalertmindanao [at]

Executive Director: Bernado Mondragon