AWO International in Southeast Asia

AWO International was founded in 1998 as a professional association for development cooperation and humanitarian action within the framework of the German welfare organization “Arbeiterwohlfahrt” (AWO, literally: Workers’ Welfare). In cooperation with local partner organizations, AWO International is committed to support marginalized and disadvantaged groups of society to sustainably improve their living conditions. In crisis situations, AWO International, also in cooperation with local non-governmental organizations, quickly provides humanitarian aid to the affected population and supports the rehabilitation and reconstruction process. The head office of AWO International is in Berlin, Germany. 


Strengthening children´s rights and combating child trafficking

Human trafficking, especially of children and young women is one of the biggest social problems in the Philippines. Particularly young women in rural regions are in danger of becoming victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in urban areas. The island Mindanao – as an operational project-area of AWO International – with broad rural areas and the city of Davao is both a push- and a pull-area for human trafficking. Child trafficking is closely connected to the problem of child labour.The rights of children are of primary importance in the three projects in the Philippines.[More]


Strengthening the rights of women

AWO International cooperates with two organizations in Indonesia fighting sexual violence on the island of Java. The project area is Gunung Kidul, south of Yogyakarta. In the Gunung Kidul area cases of sexual violence frequently happen in the context of internships, related to the vocational education of young girls. Thus the target group includes schoolgirls and female students in four vocational schools as well as the residents of the villages in neighbourhoods. The respective village- and local governments are included in the educational work. [More]