International Women’s Day in Davao City

The 106th International Women’s Day last March 8 was marked with a parade spearheaded by the city government of Davao through Integrated Gender and Development Division (IGDD) in the morning. The parade was participated in by different government agencies, non-government organizations, women organizations and gender advocates.  The theme for this year’s “Kapakanan ni Juana, Isama sa Agenda!.”  The theme is in relation to national and local election in which the women is calling for the inclusion of the agenda of women in the legislative agenda of the candidates. Talikala Congress Representative Luzviminda C. Ilagan was the keynote speaker in which she talked about the history of International Women’s Day and the challenges the women’s movement faced especially in women participation to governance.

The organized male advocates or the Male in Valuable Partnership with women and children officers and members from Barangays Lapulapu. 5-A and Sasa joined the parade as well as the parents and community residents organization Kababayen-an ug Kabataan Proteksyunan of Barangay Lapulapu in the morning.

In the afternoon of the International Women’s Day, the Coordinating Body of Women and Children – a group of women and children non-government organizations  in Davao City spearheaded a women march rally.  Organizations who joined the march by having calls using used clothes and placards. Lawig Bubai,  the organization of prostituted and trafficked women and girl children participated in the march rally. The calls of prostituted women and children are work for women instead of selling their bodies, Stop Child Pornography,  Respect the rights of Prostituted Women! Parents and community residents from Barangay 76-A and the staff also joined the march. A cultural program followed the march rally where speakers from different organizations took turn in discussing the current women situation.

Staff of Talikala and Lawig Bubai after the march rally and cultural parade.

Members of Lawig Bubai joining the march during the International Women’s Day in Davao City

Male in Valuable Partnership with Women and Children members of Lapulapu