Announcement: Instructor for Bahasa Indonesia language-lessons

AWO International as a German INGO, implementing and supporting collaborative development and humanitarian aid projects in Southeast Asi, invites applications for the following position:

Instructor for office-based Bahasa Indonesia language-lessons

A. Background

The Southeast Asia Regional Office (SEA RO) of AWO International based in Manila, Philippines oversees and monitors two country programs in the region; the Philippines and Indonesia. To efficiently fulfill its function, the SEA RO team regularly communicates with its local Non-Government Organization partners during the course of the project cycle. AWO SEA RO and local partners interact through different communication channels: electronic mail, text messages, phone calls, instant messaging services, and occasional video calls, to discuss program and finance related matters and concerns.  

The current team composition of the SEA RO is knowledgeable in Filipino which is highly advantageous when communicating with Philippine partners. However, the same cannot be said of the team’s proficiency when it comes to Bahasa Indonesia. As it stands, most of the team have zero knowledge of Bahasa and will have to start from the basic. The focal point for the Indonesian program, the Program Officer speaks the language, however, this can be further refined given its apparent importance.

As AWO International provides its Regional Offices and partners with staff development opportunities, the SEA RO team has identified learning Bahasa Indonesia as one facet for improvement for the purposes of professional growth and practical application. An office-based setup will be most favorable given that the SEA RO team frequently travels for monitoring visits. Essentially, increased proficiency or having basic knowledge of Bahasa would be a strategic undertaking to help streamline AWO International SEA RO’s work in its Indonesia country program.

B. Expected results

Given the different knowledge levels of the SEA RO team, two classes are required to meet different sets of needs and abilities: (i) a basic level class and (ii) an advanced level class. The expected results for these classes are written below, where the instructor is expected to:

1.      conduct the lessons in the office with the agreed schedule;

2.      conduct an initial language proficiency assessment for the advanced class student;

3.      complete the number of sessions as written in the Details section of the ToR;

4.      provide an outline of the two (2) modules that will be utilized;

5.      provide the learning materials of the module; and

6.      provide an objective feedback/evaluation after the completion of the sessions.

C. Qualifications and requirements

The instructor must have relevant academic and professional background. She/He must have substantial experience (at least two (2) years) in teaching Bahasa Indonesia at the basic and advanced levels. Candidates who have taught or is currently teaching at the academe or at a certified language learning institution is highly preferred.

The candidate must also provide AWO International with her/his Curriculum Vitae until October 6th, 2017.

C. Details

The arrangement for the Bahasa Indonesia lessons is outlined below:

a. Sessions

1.      Total number of class sessions to be completed: 20 (10 basic class sessions, 10 advanced class sessions)

2.      Two class sessions are to be conducted twice a week ([i] basic and [ii] advanced classes)

3.      One class session will approximately last an hour (two (2) class sessions every Wednesday and Friday)

4.      The sessions are preferably to be conducted in the afternoon; starting at 5 p.m.

5.      The class session shall start within the month of September

 b. Consultancy fee

1.      One-hour class session = Php1,000.00

2.      20 hours class sessions (10 basic class sessions, 10 advanced class sessions) = Php20,000.00

3.      Daily transportation cost = Php700.00 (10 times daily commute = Php7,000.00)

4.      Payment of the consultancy fee will be done in three tranches (inclusive of daily transportation cost)

Tranches                  Amount                             No. of sessions

1st tranche:               Php8,100.00                    (after 6 sessions)

2nd tranche:             Php8,100.00                    (after 6 sessions)

3rd tranche:              Php10,800.00                 (after 8 sessions)

Total:                         Php27,000.00                                -

5.      The contractor is responsible for the filing and payment of all pertinent taxes related to this consultancy.

c. Students per class

1.      The basic class will cater to three students

2.      The advanced class will cater to one student

If you meet the above requirements please submit your CV  until October 6th, 2017 to:
Elvince Sardjono, elvince.sardjono [at] awointernational.de